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11 Bills by Assemblymember Alex Lee Signed by the Governor

For immediate release:

The Governor has signed 11 bills authored by Assemblymember Alex Lee, legislation that promotes traffic safety, housing development, environmental justice and more. 

“My bills are rooted in addressing the most pressing issues to the constituents of Assembly District 24 and Californians at large, which include the housing crisis, traffic fatalities, and environmental inequalities,” Assemblymember Lee said. “I thank the Governor for signing my bills to tackle these critical problems, and I look forward to continuing our collaborative effort in creating safer and more equitable communities in the state.” 

AB 413 makes our roads safer for everyone, whether it be drivers, pedestrians, or bicyclists. The bill aims to reduce traffic collisions by keeping 20 feet of an intersection or crosswalk’s approach side clear of stopped vehicles—a safety measure known as daylighting. 

AB 652 enables communities disproportionately impacted by pesticide exposure the opportunity to meaningfully provide input on the use of pesticides. The bill will establish the Environmental Justice Advisory Committee in the Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR). The committee will recommend ways for DPR to integrate environmental justice into its policies and programs.

AB 835 directs the State Fire Marshal to study building single staircase apartments above three stories, a starting point to ultimately create more housing and a greater variety of homes while maintaining high fire safety standards. 

AB 664 ensures that renters served solely by their wells have access to potable water in California. The bill requires well owners who turn down consolidation—the joining of two or more water systems when they fail or are at risk of failing—to assume responsibility for ensuring that tenants have access to safe drinking water. 

AB 1490 helps increase the supply of affordable housing by providing incentives, such as expedited reviews, to affordable housing developments that repurpose an existing building for housing. These developments are known as adaptive reuse projects. 

AB 502 protects small businesses and consumers by ensuring accurate information is posted on websites like Yelp and Google. AB 502 requires a disclosure if an order will result in additional costs paid to a party other than the restaurant. The bill also prevents a website from posting a phone number under a restaurant that does not go directly to the restaurant, ensuring that websites are not diverting calls in order to charge referral commissions. 

AB 971 aims to reduce traffic by giving local authorities the flexibility to expand the types of vehicles allowed on bus lanes, such as free shuttles. 

AB 604 protects all mobile home residents from unfair water service charges. It builds on AB 1061 (Lee, 2021) that was signed into law, which prevents park management from charging mobile home residents for more than their actual share of water service charges, plus a reasonable management fee. 

AB 1503 recognizes California’s rich diversity by providing students a full-day excused absence for religious retreats per semester, up from 4 hours. 

AB 1627 preserves the state’s authority to implement the federal Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA). It conforms the California Safe Drinking Water Act to federal requirements, protecting the state’s authority to implement both the state and federal SDWA. 

AB 1716 assists regulators by making technical changes to hazardous materials and wastes laws.