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2022 Legislation

2021-2022 Legislative Session


10 bills signed 
  • AB 1290 - Companion Animals 
    • Ensures that stealing any companion animal is theft, as current law only specifies dogs.
  • AB 1680 - Keeping Bart Safe 
    • Fixes AB 1337 being chaptered out and makes changes to allow BART police to implement transit security measures to keep our BART stations safe.
  • AB 1867 - Sustainable Fixtures 
    • Requires schools applying for bond funds from the State Allocation Board for modernization or new construction to include sustainable bathroom fixtures including water aerators, hand dryers, water-conserving toilets, etc.
  • AB 1981 - Travel Reimbursements for Jury Duty
    • Allows jurors to be reimbursed for taking public transit and creates a pilot program to increase juror compensation to promote juror diversity.
  • AB 2031 - Protecting Mobile Home Residents 
    • Protects mobile home residents’ rights by ensuring residents can bring a representative (such as an attorney) to a meeting with park management.
  • AB 2164 - Increasing ADA Compliance and Disability Access 
    • Helps increase compliance with accessibility laws by allowing small businesses to access funds for accessibility related improvements.
  • AB 2206 - Parking-Cash-Out Law 
    • Requires commercial buildings with maximum occupancies of 50 or more people, located within an air basin that does not meet the national air quality standard, to list the parking costs as a separate line item in all lease agreements entered or renewed on or after January 1, 2023, if the tenants of the building are provided parking to allow for better implementation of the Parking-Cash-Out law, which requires certain employers who provide subsidized parking for their employees to offer a cash allowance in lieu of a parking space.
  • AB 2463 - California Conservation Corps 
    • Aims to preserve conservation corps and promote volunteerism across California.
  • AB 2721 - BAAQMD Transportation Reimbursement Program
    • Changes the amount Board Members on the Bay Area Air Quality Management District can be reimbursed per meeting and starts an active transportation reimbursement program.
  • AB 2949 - Vehicles: toll exemptions  
    • Exempts vehicles registered to a veteran and displaying a specialized veterans license plate, as specified, from payment of a toll or related fines on a toll road, toll bridge, toll highway, a vehicular crossing, or any other toll facility, except a high-occupancy toll lane. The bill would also make conforming changes.


  • AB 2382 - Reducing Artificial Light at Night
    • In order to reduce light pollution and harmful effects of Artificial Night at Light (ALAN), AB 2382 proposed to limit outdoor night lighting on state buildings to promote safety for people, ecosystems, and other wildlife.


  • AB 1819 - Stop Foreign Influence in California Elections Act
    • The bill would prohibit foreign influenced corporations from contributing to candidates, parties, or committees (including super PACs) as well as from engaging in their own direct election spending. 
  • AB 1944 - Expand Public Participation and Access to Government Meetings
    • Proposed to allow members of a local legislative body, upon majority vote, to waive Brown Act requirements of publishing their private address, and make their private address open to members of the public. The bill would also require a remote participation option for members of the public to address the body.
  • AB 2289 & ACA 8 - California Tax on Extreme Wealth Act
    • The California Tax on Extreme Wealth Act would impose an annual excise tax at a rate of 1% on extreme wealth in excess of $50 million beginning January 1, 2025 and at a rate of 1.5% on extreme wealth in excess of $1 billion beginning January 1, 2023.
  • AB 2050 - Residential property: withdrawal of accommodations (Ellis Act)
    • Proposed to prohibit property owners who have owned rental accommodations for fewer than five years from using or threatening to use the Ellis Act to withdraw rental accommodations.
  • AB 2053 - California Social Housing Act
    • Proposed to create the California Housing Authority (CHA) to produce and preserve Social Housing: homes that are union built, sustainable, collectively owned, affordable for all income levels, and are financially self-sustaining. 
  • AB 2435 - Lesser Related / Lesser Included Offenses 
    • Proposed to expand the conviction options available to a criminal jury by allowing that court to consider “lesser-related” offenses rather than only “lesser-included” offenses. This reform, which was in law for more than a decade in California, would help ensure that defendants are properly charged based on the facts of the case, and that they receive a just trial.