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Assemblymember Alex Lee Appointed to New, Important Committee Posts

For immediate release:

In addition to being appointed Chair of the Assembly Environmental Safety and Toxic Materials Committee, Assemblymember Alex Lee (D-San José) has been appointed by Speaker Anthony Rendon (D-Lakewood) to the following Assembly committees for the 2023-2024 legislative session:

  • Budget 
  • Budget Subcommittee 4: State Administration
  • Business and Professions
  • Education
  • Elections

Assemblymember Alex Lee stated:

“These committees reflect top priorities for my constituents. I’m grateful to be in these important decision making positions and will continue the fight to provide a world class education for our children, support our small businesses, reform our election system to empower everyday people, and bring equitable investments to our communities.

I’m especially grateful to be serving on two new committee assignments which include the Elections Committee and Budget Subcommittee 4. The integrity of our elections is core to our democracy and the soul of our country — elections must always be rooted firmly in the people’s favor, not in whatever has the most means. Having served on Budget Subcommittee 2 (Education Finance) during the pandemic, we were able to navigate through many of the challenges with our students and educators. I am excited to now serve on Budget Sub 4 to make integral investments to solve our housing and homelessness crisis, and I look forward to advancing California’s goals of housing for all.”

While full floor votes are most closely associated with the legislative process, committees hold significant weight by determining the bills that are considered, amended, advanced, or defeated.

  • The Assembly Budget Committee oversees the Budget including expenditures, programs, and funding which will be particularly challenging this session with the pandemic-induced recession. 
  • The Assembly Business and Professions Committee oversees consumer protection, including regulatory entities within the Department of Consumer Affairs, health care professional licensing, veterinarian licensing, occupational licensing, vocational education, the Department of General Services, and product labeling (except agricultural and medical product labeling).
  • The Assembly Education Committee oversees issues related to K-12 education, certificated employees of schools, school finance, and school facilities.
  • The Assembly Elections Committee oversees elections, campaign finance, the California Political Reform Act, and redistricting procedures.