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Bill To Create Highway Signs To California School for the Deaf Introduced by Assemblymember Alex Lee

For immediate release:

Today, Assemblymember Alex Lee introduced AB 2367 to increase awareness of the critical services provided by the California School for the Deaf - Fremont (CSD). In recognition of CSD’s invaluable work to Deaf and Hard of Hearing children, the bill will direct the California Department of Transportation to create directional highway signs for CSD. 

“California School for the Deaf - Fremont is a gem of education excellence. It is one of just three state special schools, a hub for Deaf and Hard of Hearing students across Northern and Central California,” said Assemblymember Lee. “AB 2367 is an important measure to ensure that families are informed of the services CSD provides.”

The California School for the Deaf, which celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2010, has a rich and storied history in its current location in Fremont, and on its previous campuses in Berkeley and San Francisco. 

Currently, California School for the Deaf - Fremont serves around 350 Deaf and Harding of Hearing students. CSD is the sole bilingual school that offers education in American Sign Language and English in the region. Its sister school in Riverside serves Deaf and Hard of Hearing students in Southern California. 

“AB 2367 was inspired by the advocacy of CSD students,” said Assemblymember Lee. “This bill is a prime example of how young people can participate in our democracy, and it’s great to see the passion of CSD students in pushing forward their cause.” 

In fall 2023, CSD students presented to state legislators including Assemblymember Lee a bill proposal to install freeway signs directing people to the school. By doing so, the students hope that more families will be aware of the educational, linguistic and social opportunities available at CSD. CSD is located near highways 680, 238 and 880 where hundreds of thousands of cars pass daily. 

"There are rare opportunities for my students to engage in making big changes in their communities. This project really resonated with them,” said US Government teacher, Molly Christensen who spearheaded the project with her 12th grade students, “I'm seeing their eyes open to the idea that they must stay actively involved in our democracy to ensure that their representatives–like Assemblymember Alex Lee–are responsive to their needs. They will carry the knowledge that they have a place in our democracy."  

“Observing the US Government students undertake this project fills me with pride. They have been able to make the case for the need for California School for the Deaf freeway signs with Assemblymember Alex Lee, utilizing their advocacy and persuasion skills within the democratic processes,” said CSD Superintendent Amy Novotny.