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Assemblymember Alex Lee Responds To Veto of The Social Housing Act With Bill Sponsor

For immediate release:

Following the veto of AB 309, Assemblymember Alex Lee and the bill’s sponsor have issued the following statements:

“I’m extremely disappointed that AB 309, The Social Housing Act, has been vetoed by the Governor,” Assemblymember Lee said. “The bill would have brought a monumental and much needed change in California—the paradigm shift in providing housing as a fundamental and universal right. That’s the vision which has guided my social housing legislation ever since I took office three years ago. 

With success both nationally and internationally, social housing holds great promise in providing affordable homes for Californians. Social housing can help tackle our housing crisis, creating publicly backed housing that accommodates residents of mixed-incomes.  

As the first Californian legislator to ever introduce a social housing bill, I’ve worked with numerous stakeholders to find common ground on AB 309. I saw the amended bill as a first step to building social housing in California. Despite AB 309’s outcome, as the Chair of the Select Committee on Social Housing, I will continue my efforts to move public policy and dialogue forward about social housing in the state.

Community members, union workers, local governments, and housing advocates across California have rallied behind AB 309. I look forward to continuing our collaborative work, and my desire to bring housing for all Californians is stronger than ever.” 

“Although we are disappointed with the result, we remain committed to the idea behind AB 309: public development with long-term social ownership that delivers affordability and security of tenure to a wide section of Californians,” said John Minot, Co-Executive of East Bay for Everyone. “We thank Asm. Lee for his leadership on this legislation and look forward to renewing the fight to deliver social housing to California.”