I’m excited about what we can achieve together this year. I’ve introduced a series of bills to tackle the housing crisis, from creating social housing for all to protecting homeownership opportunities and tenants' rights.
Introducing My 2024 Legislative Package

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I'm excited about what we can achieve together this year. I've introduced a series of bills to tackle the housing crisis, from creating social housing for all to protecting homeownership opportunities and tenants' rights. Beyond housing, my legislation will help promote public health, workers' rights, the well-being of LGBTQ+ community members and more. I'll be sure to keep you updated on our progress, and here are some of the major bills I've introduced:

AB 2881 - The Social Housing Act 

AB 2881 will create social housing for Californians by establishing the California Housing Authority. The Authority will produce housing that is publicly backed, mixed-income, affordable and financially self-sustaining. 

In 2023, my social housing bill was passed by the Legislature and delivered to the Governor's desk. When the bill was vetoed, I vowed to return this year to fight for every Californian's human right to housing. Here we are a few months later, and I'm proud to continue my efforts pushing for social housing for all.

AB 2584 - Ban Corporate-Owned Single-Family Homes

AB 2584 aims to protect California's limited supply of single-family homes and ensure that all residents have the opportunity to become homeowners. 

Mega corporations are taking homeownership opportunities from hard-working Californians by purchasing properties and converting them to rentals. I introduced AB 2584 to ban institutional investors who own more than 1,000 single-family homes from purchasing additional properties for the purpose of leasing them. This bill will help prevent institutional investors from exacerbating the scarcity of single-family homes for sale in California. 

Listen to a brief overview of the bill by KQED.

AB 3031 - LGBTQ+ Commission

California is one of the most diverse states in the country. But attempts at silencing the LGBTQ+ community in California and across the U.S. continue. It's critical that our government recognizes the lived experiences of the LGBTQ+ community, and AB 3031 is an important step to affirm that everyone can live authentically in California. 

The bill will create the LGBTQ+ Commission to improve the health, safety and wellbeing of LGBTQ+ community members. The Commission will advise the Legislature and Governor on policy matters affecting the LGBTQ+ community. 

Read the Los Angeles Blade for more information.

AB 2444 - Nail Salon Workforce Protection

AB 2444 will ensure that nail salon workers and owners receive the necessary education about labor laws so that workers are treated fairly in their workplace. The nail salon industry is predominantly women immigrants from Vietnam. But labor violations are key concerns in the industry. AB 2444 will set a foundation for workers to understand their rights, and for employers to create a fair workplace.

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We're facing a tough budget forecast, but it's my priority to protect Californians' safety net. Everyone should have access to the services they need. The budget is the most fundamental statement of our values, and now is not the time to cut back. 

But various social services and affordable housing programs, among other things, are currently on the chopping block of the Governor's proposed budget. That's why revenue options including the wealth tax are critical in generating desperately needed funding for the state. 

As the new Chair of the Human Services Committee, I'm focused on protecting programs and services for the most vulnerable Californians. If it wasn't for our safety net programs, an additional 3.2 million Californians would have been in poverty in early 2023. 

Read on for more about my new role as Chair of the Human Services Committee.

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Black History Month

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My office had a wonderful celebration of Black History Month by recognizing the contributions of Black leaders in Assembly District 24. We honored seven awardees, one posthumously, who have made tremendous impacts on people's lives, and who inspire our future generations. They include Eta Rho Omega, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., Bishop Oscar E. Dace, Sr., Dr. Harry Edwards, Jacqueline Van Dyke, Regina Celestin Williams, Sean Anglon and Dr. Stanley B. Long. Here's more about their inspiring stories. 

You can also watch the Black History Month Celebration.

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Mercury News - School for the Deaf's request gets endorsement from state official

It's always great to see young people getting involved in advocacy. AB 2367 is a prime example of the impact that they can make in participating in the democratic process. As the Mercury News reports, the bill directs the California Department of Transportation to create highway signs for the California School for the Deaf - Fremont (CSD). This bill recognizes the invaluable work provided by CSD to Deaf and Hard of Hearing students and families in California! 

Additional reporting by KTVU.

Mercury News - Law aims to improve pedestrian safety

Daylighting is a safety measure that improves the safety of our intersections. AB 413 went into effect this year, keeping 20 feet of intersections clear of parked cars. To ensure that the public is informed about the new law change, cities may issue a warning for a violation until January 1, 2025, unless the violation occurs in an area marked using paint or a sign. 

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For the 2024-25 school year, California's financial aid priority deadline is April 2, 2024. Students attending California Community Colleges for the 2024-25 academic year should also apply by April 2 and no later than September 3, 2024. Both FAFSA and CADAA resources for 2024-25 are now open.


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