Happy New Year!
Honor an Unsung Hero of Assembly District 24

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Happy New Year! Our office is looking forward to the 2024 district events that are in the works. One of those events is the Unsung Heroes celebration in March. It'll be a great occasion to recognize the hard work of our community members, and I'm inviting you to nominate an unsung hero of Assembly District 24 - an individual or organization whose dedication to making our district a better place may have gone unnoticed.

Over the years, we have celebrated the contributions of over 60 community members and organizations at our Unsung Hero events. Check out the stories of the 2021 and 2023 honorees! For our upcoming Unsung Hero celebration, the deadline to submit a nomination is February 21, so be sure to complete the nomination form by then.

Legislative Spotlight

Pesticide exposure is linked to a range of health effects, such as increased risk of birth defects, respiratory illness, and certain cancers. But researchers have found stark disparities in communities' exposure to pesticide use.

For instance, a 2015 study shows that over 95% of agricultural pesticide use in California occurred in 60% of zip codes with the highest proportion of residents of color.

To meet the needs and concerns of impacted community members, it's critical that their voices are heard by policymakers. That's why I authored AB 652, which took effect this year.

Under this legislation, the Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) will form an Environmental Justice Advisory Committee that includes representatives of rural, urban, tribal and farmworker communities. The committee will serve as an avenue for them to provide meaningful input on DPR's pesticide policies and programs. Ultimately, the goal of my bill is to reduce the racial and socioeconomic disparities of pesticide exposure.

District Digest

Volunteering to help our unhoused neighbors

Volunteering to help our unhoused neighbors

I'm always so moved to see all the compassionate community members of our district. In early December, I joined LoretoQD's Brigade - Silicon Valley, HOPE for the Unhoused and Community Seva in passing out shoes, socks and blankets for our unhoused neighbors in Milpitas. A big thank you to these organizations for your commitment to helping those in need.

December celebration of Santa Clara County Wage Theft Coalition's 10th Anniversary

December celebration of Santa Clara County Wage Theft Coalition's 10th Anniversary

No worker deserves to be paid below minimum wage or forced to work off the clock. Over the past decade, the Santa Clara County Wage Theft Coalition has done incredible work to protect our community members from wage theft. Congratulations on your 10th anniversary!

In the News

California High-Speed Rail Authority - High-Speed Rail Supporters React to Grant Award News

I've long been a big advocate for bringing high-speed rail to California. We have to invest in our infrastructure and complete the state's high-speed rail, so we can catch up with other countries who have great public transit systems. We're now moving closer to making that vision a reality, with the federal government awarding $6 billion in funding for California's high-speed rail, including nearly $3.1 billion for the California High-Speed Rail Authority.

Fox 40 - These are the new traffic and vehicle-related laws going into effect in California in 2024

AB 413, which took effect this year, makes our roads safer by increasing intersections' visibility. Through a simple traffic measure known as daylighting, the bill helps remove blindspots at intersections to reduce the number of preventable collisions.

KQED - Unveiling the Corporate Landlords Behind Home Rentals in California

Institutional investors are buying swaths of housing properties in the face of a housing shortage. But corporate homeownership takes opportunities away from our hardworking families to purchase their first homes. Tune in to my discussion with KQED and fellow panelists to learn more about the topic, and my hopes to protect homeownership for working-class Californians.

San José Spotlight - New laws that affect Silicon Valley in 2024

I'm proud to see that my legislation is bringing stronger protections around safe drinking water and water service charges in California. Here's a snippet by San José Spotlight.


It's never too early to start planning for the upcoming tax season. Earned Income Tax Credits (EITCs) offer tax breaks for low to moderate-income workers and families. If eligible, you could receive a cash refund or reduced taxes owed. Here's more about EITCs.

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