Berman Blasts Trump’s Latest Attempt to Exclude Immigrants from the 2020 Census

For immediate release:

SACRAMENTO — Assemblymember Marc Berman (D-Menlo Park) released the following statement in response to an executive memorandum issued by President Trump earlier today to exclude immigrants from the 2020 Census:

"This memo isn't even worth the paper it's scribbled on," said Assemblymember Marc Berman, chair of the Assembly Select Committee on the Census.  "Trump knows this - he couldn't even bring himself to make it an Executive Order. It's blatantly unconstitutional. It isn't even practical. The Supreme Court tossed Trump's citizenship question off of the census, so there's no way to know the citizenship status of the people who reply. If it's not legal, and it's not practical, then it's obviously just fear-mongering to try to suppress participation in the census, which has been Trump's goal the entire time. It's truly sad."


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