New California law expands statute of limitations for sexual assault survivors

The last two years have seen the rise of movements like “#MeToo,” “Times Up,” and “Ni Una Menos” -- female-led campaigns that shed a blinding light on the reality of sexual assault and harassment in the world. 

A slew of voices, from celebrities to politicians to friends and family, called for change and brought attention to the numerous incidents of sexual violence against women and men.

For many of these survivors, their accounts of sexual violence were no longer eligible for legal recourse since the statute of limitations had expired, revealing what many considered to be a clear flaw in the justice system.

In response to this, Assembly Bill 1619 was passed unanimously by the California State Assembly on Sep. 29, 2018. This bill effectively extends the statute of limitations for sexual assault from two years to 10 years, allowing more survivors of sexual violence to come forward and file a civil action against their abusers.