Padilla, Becerra Announce Lawsuit Against Trump Administration Census Decision

March 28, 2018

(Sacramento) – California Attorney General Xavier Becerra and Secretary of State Alex Padilla have announced the filing of a lawsuit over the Trump’s Administration decision to add a citizenship question to the 2020 Census questionnaire. “We are here for a very simple message. If you are not counted, you don’t count” said Becerra adding that the Trump administration’s decision imperils California. Secretary of State Alex Padilla added, “Questioning the citizenship status of every person in America is, unfortunately, just a continuation of the President’s blatant agenda to fan the flames of anti-immigration hostility in our nation.” Attorney General Becerra filed the lawsuit stating the citizenship question in unconstitutional and is reminiscent of questions asked of Japanese-Americans during World War II and such a question would result in a severe undercount of the population in California. To view the entire press conference, please watch this Assembly Access video.