2018 Bills

AB 1678 – Voter Information: Storage and Security

As proposed to be amended, Assembly Bill 1678 would direct the Secretary of State to adopt regulations that describe the best practices for storage and security of voter information and require organizations that have received access to voter file data to notify the Secretary of State in the case of a data breach.


AB 1804 – CEQA Categorical Infill Exemption for Housing Projects in Counties

Assembly Bill 1804 would expand the existing categorical infill exemption to include residential or mixed-use housing projects in unincorporated areas of a county that meet the existing conditions to qualify for the exemption. This bill would promote residential or mixed-use housing projects within urbanized areas in our counties and help address California’s housing needs without adversely impacting the environment.


AB 1957 – Social Services Modernization, Efficiency, and Due Process Protection Act of 2018

Assembly Bill 1957 would modernize state laws governing communication and verification for public social services, while ensuring that the due process and privacy rights of applicants and recipients are protected.


AB 2218 – Vote by Mail Ballot Tracking

Assembly Bill 2218 would require the Secretary of State, by January 1, 2020, to establish a system that allows vote by mail voters to sign-up to receive information by email or text message about the status of their ballots. County elections officials would also be able to use this system to deliver important information about steps voters can take to ensure that their ballots are counted.


AB 2230 – Civil Litigation Efficiencies

Assembly Bill 2230 will be used to address court efficiencies because delays resulting from overburdened and under resourced courts disproportionately affect civil litigation. The plaintiffs’ bar and defense bar have worked together annually to discuss how to create efficiencies in the civil litigation process. This effort has resulted in significant collaboration on a variety of issues. Should these parties reach consensus, AB 2230 will be amended to address those civil procedure efficiencies.


AB 2245 – Voter Registration

Assembly Bill 2245 would protect minors’ privacy by ensuring that the registration information of 16 and 17 years-olds who have pre-registered to vote is not subject to disclosure.


AB 2278 – Local Government Renewable Energy Self-Generation Program

As proposed to be amended, Assembly Bill 2278 seeks to maintain the viability of the Renewable Energy Self-Generation Bill Credit Transfer Program, which allows local governments and public colleges to credit their excess renewable energy generated at one site (i.e. solar panels over a parking lot) against their energy consumption at another site (i.e. city hall). AB 2278 would hold harmless those local governments and public schools that invested in local renewable energy projects to help California achieve its broader environmental, climate and clean energy goals.


AB 2367 – Certificates of Death: Amended Originals

Assembly Bill 2367 would allow the California Department of Public Health to amend an original death certificate to correct errors such as misspelling the deceased’s name. Currently, when a death certificate is amended, the amendment is attached to the original death certificate as a second piece of paper and the original death certificate remains unchanged.


AB 2425 – Modernizing Transmitting Assessment Information

Assembly Bill 2425 would modernize how an assessor may request and how a taxpayer may provide information needed for property tax assessments.  Specifically, the bill would codify the existing practice of providing taxpayer information via the mail, as well as via electronic format. The goal is to improve government efficiency and make this process more convenient for all parties.         


AB 2469 – Alcoholic Beverages: Off-site licensees

Assembly Bill 2469 updates state law to reflect new technology to ensure that alcoholic beverages may only be delivered to an individual who is able to provide proof of age and identify, regardless of whether the order was made by telephone, electronic or digital means.


AB 2552 – Improving Ballot Design

Assembly Bill 2552 would clarify and improve ballot instructions and ballot design for voters.  Specifically, this bill makes changes to ballot instructions to improve readability and ensure voters clearly understand how to mark their ballot. 


AB 2592 – Secretary of State: Census Outreach and Education

Assembly Bill 2592 would require the Secretary of State to promote awareness of and encourage participation in the federal decennial census. Starting January 1, 2018, this bill would require the Secretary of State to include information about the census in the state voter information guide and other public election materials produced by the Secretary of State.


AB 2607 – Veterans: Medical Foster Home Pilot Program

As proposed to be amended, Assembly Bill 2607 would create the Medical Foster Home Pilot Program in California, which would provide community-based care for veterans in private homes through the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, offering an affordable and individualized alternative to institutionalization.


AB 2639 – Access to Pupil Suicide Prevention Training

Assembly Bill 2639 would support our schools’ efforts to improve suicide awareness and prevent further tragedies by offering online suicide prevention training for all school staff and students in a cost-effective and flexible manner. The goal of this legislation is to better equip and support our schools to ensure the safety of students.


AB 2766 – Recycled Plastic: Plastic Market Development Program

Assembly Bill 2766 would reauthorize California’s successful plastic market development program. The program was created to encourage increased use of California generated recycled beverage container material, create and maintain jobs in California, and close the loop on plastic beverage container recycling.


AB 2908 – Tire Recycling Incentive Program

Assembly Bill 2908 would create the Tire Recycling Incentive Program to help expand the state’s tire recycling infrastructure to reduce greenhouse gases, create jobs and economic opportunity, and cut the statewide and local costs associated with tire pile cleanup and illegally dumped tires. This bill would employ a proven model of performance-based incentive funding to support the use of rubberized pavement and other end markets for recycled tires.


AB 2941 – State of Emergency: Preserving Health Care Coverage

Assembly Bill 2941 would require a health plan and health insurer to ensure that patients, who have been displaced by a state of emergency, have continued appropriate access to medically necessary health care services. Currently, the Department of Managed Health Care ensures this continued access; however, the Department of Insurance does not have this authority. Because it should not matter which state department regulates a patient’s health care coverage, this bill would bring parity by allowing the Department of Insurance the ability to ensure that patients maintain access to medically necessary health care services in the limited circumstance of a Governor proclaimed state of emergency.


AB 3043 – Improving School Nutrition Programs

Assembly Bill 3043 would improve and increase access to school nutrition programs by allowing schools to use their cafeteria funds to offer Universal Breakfast as well as purchase food trucks to provide additional points of service. This bill would also improve the School Breakfast Program and Summer Food Service Program Start-up and Expansion Grants by increasing the grant amount per school site from $15,000 to $30,000 and allowing the Seamless Summer Option to be eligible to apply for these grants.


AB 3075 – Securing California Elections from Cyber Threats

Assembly Bill 3075 would create the Office of Elections Cybersecurity within the California Secretary of State’s office.  The Office of Elections Cybersecurity would coordinate efforts between federal, state, and local officials, including county registrars of voters, to reduce the likelihood and severity of cyber incidents that could interfere with the integrity of California elections.


AB 3133 – Public Works Board: Acquisition of Natural Resource Land

Assembly Bill 3133 would add the Secretary of the Natural Resources Agency as a member of the Public Works Board when the Board is hearing and deciding matters related to the acquisition resource-related properties, such as land for parks. The addition of the Secretary under these circumstances will ensure that there is a member of the Board that can speak to the resources-related goals of the project.