2022 Bills

AB 775 - Recurring Political Contributions

AB 775 would ban political campaigns from pre-checking the recurring donation box on their websites.

AB 1853 - Computer Science Preparing Educators Grant Program

AB 1853 would create an incentive grant program for institutions of higher education to prepare future educators to teach computer science in K-12 schools.

AB 2006 - Streamlining Oversight of Affordable Housing

AB 2006 would streamline the oversight currently done by multiple state entities by directing those entities to coordinate their compliance monitoring and eliminate duplicative work. 

AB 2063 - Eliminating Affordable Housing Fees on Density Bonus Units

AB 2063 would address a barrier to affordable housing production and strengthen the state’s longstanding density bonus law by prohibiting local jurisdictions from imposing affordable housing impact fees on density bonus units.

AB 2181 - VTA Governance

AB 2181 would reorganize the governance structure of the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority Board of Directors.

AB 2259 - Foster Youth: Substance Use Disorders Grant Program

Recognizing the ongoing crisis of substance use among foster youth, AB 2259 requires the State Department of Social Services, in collaboration with the State Department of Health Care Services, to establish a grant program to serve foster youth with substance use disorders who are residing in family-based settings.

AB 2307 - Beer: Duplicate Licenses

AB 2307 would increase the statutory limit of beer manufacturer duplicate and retail licenses in order to enable California’s award-winning craft breweries to better compete in a global marketplace for consumer awareness and popularity.

AB 2540 - Direct Deposits of Public Assistance Payments Clean-Up

AB 2540 would clarify what voluntary tipping means in the context of non-bank accounts that qualify to receive direct deposits for government benefits. Without further clarification, consumers would lose an option and be prohibited from utilizing non-bank accounts that maintain critical consumer protections.

AB 2584 - Local Recall Reform

AB 2584 would make four good government reforms to increase efficiency and transparency in the state and local recall process. Specifically, it would address the process to initiate a recall, the review of official statements and answers, the information provided to recall petition signers regarding the potential fiscal impact of school district-related recall elections, and the timing for local recalls. 

AB 2608 - AB 37 Vote by Mail Clean-Up

Assemblymember Berman authored historic legislation last year that changed how we run our elections – providing that elections officials will now mail a ballot to every active registered voter in California. AB 2608 would make numerous updates and conforming changes to our elections laws in recognition of the transition to all active registered voters receiving a vote by mail ballot.  

AB 2636 - Refugees

AB 2636 would establish a grant program to support refugees in accessing entry-level healthcare training programs and gaining employment in the healthcare workforce.

AB 2695 - Cybersecurity Workforce

AB 2695 would entrust the California State University with establishing the Cybersecurity Regional Alliances and Multistakeholder Partnerships Pilot Program to address the immediate cybersecurity workforce gap. The goal of the pilot program is to increase the pipeline of students pursuing cybersecurity careers and develop the cybersecurity workforce to meet industry needs within local or regional economies.

AB 2815 - Ballot Boxes on Higher Ed Campuses

AB 2815 would ensure each California State University (CSU) and University of California (UC) student has access to a vote by mail (VBM) ballot drop box location on campus by requiring CSU campuses and requesting UC campuses to have one VBM ballot drop box location on each campus.

AB 2850 - Statewide Sexual Assault Response Team

AB 2850 would establish a statewide sexual assault response team advisory council for the purpose of promoting a prompt, multi-disciplinary, and victim-centered response to sexual assault.

AB 2881 - Student Parents

AB 2881 would remove barriers that inhibit academic success and degree attainment for student parents at the community colleges, CSUs, and UCs as well as bring greater attention to their needs. Specifically, this bill would grant priority registration for student parents, establish a student parent webpage for each campus, and provide greater awareness to the California Special Supplemental Food Program for Women, Infants, and Children.

AB 2912 - Warranties: Time of Delivery

AB 2912 would require warranties to start no earlier than the date of delivery rather than the date of purchase.

ACR 151 - Captain Matthew Patrick Manoukian Memorial Highway

ACR 151 would designate a specified portion of State Route 280 in the County of Santa Clara as the Captain Matthew Patrick Manoukian Memorial Highway.