2020 Bills

Assemblymember Marc Berman is proudly authoring the following legislation in 2020: 


AB 70 - Covert For-Profit Colleges

Assembly Bill 70 would prevent covert for-profit colleges from using devious financial maneuvers to claim non-profit status and evade state oversight.


Assembly Bill 2029 - CalWORKS eligibility: income exemptions.


Assembly Bill 2230 - Tobacco assessment.


Assembly Bill 2237 - Bay area county transportation authorities: contracting.


Assembly Bill 2262 - Regional transportation plans: sustainable communities strategies: zero-emission vehicle readiness plan.


Assembly Bill 2274 - School curriculum: computer science: data reporting.


Assembly Bill 2309 - Teacher credentialing: supplementary authorization: computer science: grant program.


Assembly Bill 2319 - Vehicles: sale or transfer.


Assembly Bill 2346 - Community colleges: part-time students enrolled in early childhood education or child development courses: fee waivers.


Assembly Bill 2388 - Public postsecondary education: basic needs of students.


Assembly Bill 2407 - Campaign contributions: limited liability companies.


Assembly Bill 2449 - Health facility training and protocols: sepsis prevention.


Assembly Bill 2505 - Political Reform Act of 1974: campaign funds


Assembly Bill 2586 - Shelter crisis.


Assembly Bill 2650 - Elections: no party preference voters: partisan primary elections.


Assembly Bill 2728 - County sexual assault response team (SART) program.


Assembly Bill 2811 - Business regulation.


Assembly Bill 2884 - California State Lottery: revenue allocation.


Assembly Bill 3006 - School meals: free or reduced-price meals.


Assembly Bill 3157 - Department of Housing and Community Development: regional housing need allocation: low-income community college students.


Assembly Bill 3196 - Voting system standards.


Assembly Bill 3250 - Elections: ballots.