2019 Bills

Assemblymember Marc Berman is proudly authoring the following legislation in 2019: 


AB 20 -  California Computer Science Coordinator

Assembly Bill 20 would create the California Computer Science Coordinator within the California Department of Education, a role needed to oversee the state's successful implementation of the Computer Science Strategic Implementation Plan. 


AB 52 - Consumer Science Strategic Implementation Plan

Assembly Bill 52 would require the Computer Science Strategic Implementation Plan to continually updated to ensure it remains relevant and reflects technological advancements. 


AB 70 - Youth Mental Health


AB 302 - Safe Lots for California Community College Students

Assembly Bill 302 would require community colleges to provide overnight parking to homeless students. 


AB 494 - CalFresh Housing Verification

Assembly Bill 494 would maximize food benefits for low-income families by simplifying the verification of their housing costs.


AB 504 - Voter Registration

Assembly Bill 504 allows voters to keep their voter registrations active by logging in to the Secretary of State’s “My Voter Status” website, and streamlines and clarifies the process for keeping the state’s voter registration database up-to-date.


AB 521 -  Firearm Safety and Violence Prevention Training for Doctors

Assembly Bill 521 would task the University of California Firearm Violence Research Center with developing and implementing firearm-violence prevention education and training programs for health care providers. 


AB 538 - Sexual Assault Medical Evidentiary Examinations

Assembly Bill 538 would improve the availability, efficiency, and quality of medical evidentiary examinations for sexual assault survivors. 


AB 566 - Elections


AB 602 - Deepfakes

Assembly Bill 602 would criminalize the creation and distribution of nefarious "deepfakes" -- hyper-realistic video or audio recordings, created using artificial intelligence, of someone appearing to do or say something that he or she did not do or say. 


AB 623 - Elections


AB 693 - Conditional Voter Registration


AB 730 - Elections


AB 782 - CEQA Exemption for Park and Open Space Acquisition


AB 860 - Beer Distributors 


AB 988 - Special Education Teaching Credential


AB 1065 - Insurance


AB 1146 - California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018


AB 1322 - Office of School-Based Health


AB 1341 - Covert For-Profit Colleges


AB 1424 - Electric Vehicle Infrastructure


AB 1564 - California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018


AB 1671 - Platooning


AB 1707 - 2020 Census